Seven Key Points of the Greatest Principle – Revised longer version

Pray and meditate on these daily:

  1. No matter what pain you’re struggling with, it’s not your fault. We come hardwired at birth to seek pleasure and avoid pain, which locks us in to the failure cycle of pain –> brain chemicals of stress –> control –> more pain. This won’t protect you from the natural consequences of your actions, because there is almost always a choice, but it does explain why you do what you do. Your actions are the result of fear-based programming, which is a million times more powerful than your conscious ability to choose. I hope and pray that this helps you with the guilt and self-worth, as it did me. If you consistently make the wrong choice, you simply have the human version of a computer hard-drive virus.
  1. The internal always creates the external, never the other way around. If you are expecting and trying to control external circumstances to make yourself feel happy and successful, you will never get there. You will be stuck in a chronic stress cycle as long as your goals are external.
  1. What you really want most is not an external circumstance; it is the internal state of love, joy, and peace in your heart and mind in the present moment. You have to give up using willpower and expectations if you ever are going to get what you most want.
  1. WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) love often looks like love on the outside, but it is really an attempt to use unhealthy control or convince another person to help you get the external circumstance that you think will make you happy. It is a transactional business deal. Only when you love with no expectation of return will you experience what will satisfy and fulfill you long-term.
  1. Your willpower, fueled by fear and faulty programming, is an insufficient power source for life and success. Over time, relying on it will leave you drained and lifeless, with a million-to-one shot at true success. You have to deprogram your human hard drive of its fear-based programming, reprogram it with love-based programming, and then give up the end results in faith, belief, trust, and hope.
  1. The internal state of love, joy, and peace is a miraculous power source for life and success. It always energizes you in the present moment and empowers you to produce positive external circumstances that would have been impossible for you to achieve with willpower alone.
  1. Living in love for the next 30 minutes as best you can, giving up external and physical results and circumstances, will produce success and happiness beyond your wildest dreams­­—no matter what.

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