Seven Key Points of the Greatest Principle — Revised shorter version

  1. The INTERNAL ALWAYS creates the EXTERNAL! NEVER the other way around!
  1. What you REALLY WANT most is NEVER an external circumstance¬≠¬≠ – it’s ALWAYS the internal state of love, joy, and peace!
  1. WIIFM LOVE (which is what most people call, and believe is, real love) often looks like love on the outside, but it is really an unhealthy attempt to CONTROL others and circumstances to get the external circumstances that you THINK will make YOU happy – but they NEVER will, long term!
  1. Your WILLPOWER, fueled by fear and faulty programming, has a ONE IN A MILLION shot at making you happy and successful. 99% of the time, it will leave you STRESSED and FRUSTRATED.
  1. The internal state of love, joy, and peace is a MIRACULOUS/DIVINE power source for life and success that virtually ALWAYS works!
  1. Living in love for the next 30 minutes as best you can, giving up external and physical results and circumstances, will produce SUCCESS and HAPPINESS beyond your wildest dreams – NO MATTER WHAT!