Replays for May 19th Meetings

Audio IconHere are the replays for the two meetings that we had on May 19th. We reported back about the ideas that we have received from you, and share with you what we plan to do next. This is still very open-ended, and we very much want your input.

Early Meeting


Late Meeting


Audio Replay of our First Meeting

Audio IconThis is the replay of our first meeting that was held on Tuesday, April 28, 2015. Ben Rooker, Alex  Loyd, and JoHanna Chan each shared about what the material in Beyond Willpower has meant to them, and they also shared a few ideas about the direction we could take the online community. The rest of the time was spent listening to callers share their ideas about the direction we could take this community. Please listen, and if you would  like to share an idea, please email us at Please know that we value each and every email and we will try to respond personally, but the volume of emails is beginning to exceed our current capacity.