Video Training

This is a sixteen video training series on the Greatest Principle, by Dr. Alex Loyd. Each video focuses on one important aspect of the Greatest Principle.

Note: If you have trouble viewing any of these videos, try refreshing your browser and viewing the video again.

Video 1: Introduction to the Greatest Principle

Video 2: The Success Switch

Video 3: The Magic Lamp

Video 4: The Seven Principles

Video 5: Cellular Memories

Video 6: Three Kinds of Belief

Video 7: The Image Maker

Video 8: The Energy Medicine Tool

Video 9: The Reprogramming Statements

Video 10: The Heart Screen Tool

Video 11: Goals

Video 12: The Success Issues Finder

Video 13: The Reverse Genie Questions

Video 14: Life Vows

Video 15: The 40 Day Process

Video 16: Epilogue